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Raising a child with Special Needs 
can be scary and stressful!

Fear...gut wrenching fear. It was a fear I could feel churning in my stomach that made me dizzy at the same time. Fear that did little to subside for months.

If you've received a significant diagnosis for your child, you know that stress. We've experiences it several times in our family: when we found out our youngest had Down Syndrome and when we found out our oldest had a brain tumor.

The stress of life is tremendous at times. Whether it's news from a surveillance scan, or the strain of trying to help our youngest communicate, the stress only continues to build.

But we don't have to live in constant fear and with building stress. God has provided us all the tools needed to reduce these feelings and experience joy in our life. 

Some people just want to follow the directions provided and hope for the best. The rest of us will dig, research, and spend whatever we have to for what is best for our kids. If that is you, I want to help save you hours of research and hundreds of dollars trying stuff.

Drop me a note so we can connect and discuss your experience, and share our journeys together.

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How can I help you Navigate Life Raising a Child with Special Needs?

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I regularly share my experiences from raising a child with Down Syndrome, a child with ADHD, and a child who's battled a rare cancer. My goal is to help you navigate the challenges of dealing with the stress that comes with this life, along with navigating a difficult medical world.

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