The Basics of Down Syndrome

This area will explore the basics of Down Syndrome. Most of the information available right now focuses on what is common about Down Syndrome. However, there is so much more to understand than what could be in your future or that of your loved one.

My goal is this information will provide some hope for your future and enable you to advocate more effectively. 

#1: The Not So Basic Basics 

Go beyond the basics of what we're told "oh that's just part of Down Syndrome" and learn why things are true for our loved ones. This will give you more information to be able to advocate effectively within the medical field as well as in other settings.

#2: What is DNA Anyway?

Come put your head around the building blocks of all life: DNA. You will get a sense of what this is, and how that impacts both you and your loved one with Down Syndrome. 

#3: How Does It All Work?

In this video I will explore part of how medications, supplements, and essential oils actually work in the body along with why this is important for anyone with a different genetic makeup.

#4: Epigenwhowhat?
Let's discuss epigenetics, an incredible field of medicine and science that looks at how we can alter how our genes are expressed. No, this does not rewrite your DNA sequence, but it does change what may happen as a result of it.

#5: Methylation & MTHFR Gene Mutation
OK, so this week we are going to focus on Folate & Methylation. Hold on to your britches, it's going to be an exciting drive!  

So I want to start with some information about the MTHFR gene mutation, and then we'll talk later this week about the effect on our kids with DS as well as us as parents. Why should you be concerned about this gene mutation, and what it does? Most people with Down Syndrome have the MTHFR mutation. Likewise, if you are the biological mother of a child with Down Syndrome, you can assume you also have the mutation.

So to begin, it's important to understand a little about the MTHFR gene mutation, the process of methylation, and how the gene mutation changes things. So, for your reading pleasure, here is a video I think helps shed some light on it. For those of you who are way smarter than me, it may be pretty basic, but it gives a good foundation.

Come share your thoughts in the Discussion Area, I'd love to hear you what you're thinking!

Folate & Down Syndrome
Why Does It Matter?
We have discussed MTHFR, and why it affects the ability to use folate (see the previous section). 

Let's dig into why this is so important for Down Syndrome specifically, and how this affects your loved one.

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