Best for Us/Best for Them

We all want what is best for our children. Some people think we can do what is good for us, and all will be okay.  
These are the sections you will find on this page:
Essential Oil Safety
As we learn more about what is safe for our kids with Down Syndrome, it is natural to question whether essential oils are safe or not.

The short answer is YES! They are safe, but with some exceptions. Learn what you need to know to use these amazing products safely with your loved one! 

Folate and You
Folate is an incredibly important micronutrient your body needs. One of the leading causes of Down Syndrome is a folate deficiency at the time of miosis (when the egg first splits). 

That said, it is likely you have a mutation that inhibits your body's ability to use folate correctly. Understanding this, and what you can do about it will help you have more energy, help your body work better, and help you lift some brain fog.

Join in as we explore this! 

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