Best Parenting Humor - October 2021

Every once in a while it's good to stop smell....the dirty diapers? Here's a round-up of some hilarious posts for all the fellow parents out there. Enjoy scrolling while you take that potty break!

I Used to Love Vick's

I used to love Vick's, the smell that would tingle a little bit, and would instantly open your clogged nose. I later found out there is stuff in this product that makes it less than desirable for actually supporting your health. I also found what it was in the rub that I really liked, and the original source, which does support your health. Check out what I discovered and better alternatives to this over the counter products.

When the Unexpected Visits Your Family

What happens when your family unexpectedly receive news that someone has a debilitating or possibly fatal condition?  It doesn't matter whether this is news of a birth defect or genetic condition as an infant, a life-threatening accident as a child, or cancer anywhere during a loved ones life. The impacts are profound, and change how you experience life from that moment forward. That moment has happened in our nuclear family twice in the last 4 years. Here's what we've learned.
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Lessons from White Water Rafting

Life throws us things that make it feel like we've been tossed from a boat heading down a raging river. We struggle to keep our head above water, and just to survive, so it seems. However, if we look to white water rafting, there is an incredibly important lesson to help us through these times. 

#1 Way To Reduce Stress

I want to ask you tonight, how is your stress level?

I don’t know, if you’re like me at all, my stress level the last couple of weeks has just been ridiculous. The whole thing about having a hard time working, and having the kids home, and then the stress about having a child who is susceptible to respiratory issues, but still having to go out and get groceries, and all of that….it is exceptionally stressful.

So I am just curious, how is your stress level right now?

Regardless of where you’re at, I want to give you the one, the number one thing that you can do to help bring down your stress.
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