Balancing Natural Health Vs Conventional Medicine - Part 2

Our thoughts about our health should not be entirely opposed to anything. There is a fine balance to strike between natural health and conventional medicine. This second part explores the role of conventional medicine, and what to consider as you strike the balance in your own life. 

Balancing Natural Health Vs. Conventional Medicine - Part 1

When you think about natural health, it oftentimes is communicated as a way to avoid conventional medicine. However, there is a balance to this logic, and it necessitates truly understanding the role of each. 

Are You Feeling Like an Imposter?

This time of self-isolation and quarantine around the world has been tough on everyone. For some, it has been an exceptionally difficult time, those who are extroverts, those who are stressed because of finances, and especially those who suffer from the very real issue of imposter syndrome.

My Own Story

I had suffered chronically with this for more than 20 years. From the time I started succeeding in high school, I had the inklings of it starting in the back of my mind. I would question whether I really deserved the success. I would fear that someone would find something I did wrong to achieve that success (though I had not), and that what I had achieved would be taken away.

Bragging About THIS May Actually Be Killing Your Work

What is going on? Happy Labor Day!

I am curious if maybe you’ve heard somebody brag like this: “Oh you know, that new baby, I’m only getting like two hours of sleep a night.” Or maybe this one, “I’m doing great, man, I only sleep six hours a week.”

What I’ve learned is that when we start bragging about the lack of sleep that we get, like it’s a measure of our awesomeness and effectiveness, and yet we keep pushing ourselves and we keep thinking that we’re going to perform, the more I’m learning that is just not the case.

How to Get a Better Night Sleep

Do you wake up sometimes, and regardless of the amount of sleep you got, you know that you don’t feel rested, and know that you didn’t get good sleep? The answer to why this is may actually really surprise you, and it is actually the thing I am shooting this video with: Your phone!

Your phone can cause so many disruptions to your sleep. This is not just when it buzzes or rings, or if it lights up while you’re sleeping, but it is even the waves that it emits. When you study sleep, you hear about brain waves, or the waves of energy that happen within your brain as you’re sleeping. There are different forms of brain activity that you need during the different stages of sleep.
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