Do you wake up sometimes, and regardless of the amount of sleep you got, you know that you don’t feel rested, and know that you didn’t get good sleep? The answer to why this is may actually really surprise you, and it is actually the thing I am shooting this video with: Your phone!

Your phone can cause so many disruptions to your sleep. This is not just when it buzzes or rings, or if it lights up while you’re sleeping, but it is even the waves that it emits. When you study sleep, you hear about brain waves, or the waves of energy that happen within your brain as you’re sleeping. There are different forms of brain activity that you need during the different stages of sleep.

What happens is waves, or the energy, that your phone is emitting all the time because of its constant sending and receiving of signals, disrupts the brain activity and prevents you from getting into the state of sleep that you actually need. And phones aren’t the only thing, your WiFi is another thing that can greatly disturb your sleep activity.

So what’s the solution? Well, if you can, just turn them off completely, you probably don’t need it while you’re sleeping. If you can’t keep them as far away from your sleeping space as you humanly can. Beyond that, you should be giving your brain a break anyway, so you shouldn’t be using it as you go to bed. Keep it in a different room, like your bathroom, your kitchen, at the other end of the house, if you can.

Now like in my house, we don’t have a landline phone and we’ve got aging parents, so what do we do? Well we can still keep it close enough, but not like right on the night stand right next to your head. Get it away from you and see if that helps. A lot of people don’t realize this about our phones. By the way, keeping it in your pocket, so not good for your body; use a phone clip or keep it in a purse.

The key is to just be conscious of the energy that your phone and other electronics are giving off, the very physical energy, and the impact it has on your body.


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